The Next Move


Hello everybody! This is Mischa here; Danielle and I have some very exciting news to share with all of you but before we do we thought we should let you know what we have been up to since our return from our bike trip. Highlights over the last four months include; attending the climate march […]

A Time to Reflect


Hi everyone! This is Mischa here. It’s been four months since Danielle and I landed in St Johns after cycling 8000 km across Canada and only now have we been able to truly reflect and begin to grasp the impact that this trip has had on our lives. Here are three things that we learned […]

The Final Ride

The finish line

It has been a while since our last post, but we are glad to say that we made it! We spent a lovely week with Dani’s family. They arrived with matching team head bands and bikes ready to ride. We met them in Matane, and spend our first night sheltering from the rain and talking […]

The Rest of Ontario and the Beginning of Quebec


Since the summer has started and schools are on holidays, we have transitioned to talking to summer caps along our way. Both Mischa and I are fond of the camp life filled with high energy, days outside and a strong sense of community. We were also excited to go to back to the place where […]

Familiar Places and Faces

The iconic Muskoka chairs

The past few weeks we have covered quite the distance and for the first time on the journey we have passed recognizable street signs, roads and landscapes. We were welcomed in Sudbury, ON by Jen with a fully loaded car ready to camp. We spend three nights making our way to Gravenhurst, ON with road […]

In the News in Invermere, BC (A little late)

Check out this story by the an awesome local newspaper in Invermere, BC who met us at the local high school after a presentation for a quick interview.

This Gives Me Hope

Thanks to mum’s googling skills, we found that someone featured us and Seed by Seed in their ‘This Gives Me Hope’ campaign that highlights optimistic stories. Founder Cathryn Wellner set out to find 1001 reasons to be hopeful in life and once she hit her target- she kept going and found us on June 11th! […]

Small Towns

Small Town Loving

The Prairies have changed my understanding of scale and have reminded me that there are so many ways to live. I have always grown up in a quite modernized urban setting. Sidewalks, malls, schools, any fast-food chain within reach and of course, lots of people. I have never really experienced rural living before. Passing though […]

Breakdowns on the Highway

More rain

Waking up to rain always prompts a lazy morning filled with procrastination. Suddenly you find the need to stretch in the morning, meticulously fold your clothes and brush your hair for the first time in weeks. Evidently though, you have to at some point suck it up, put on those wet shoes and get on […]

Medicine Hat, AB – June 10th

Outside Elm Street School in Front of their new Garden!

Medicine Hat, AB We had a pretty epic cycle ahead of us from Brooks, AB to Medicine Hat, AB along Highway 1. We had planned to go down a country road but after about 10km we hit gravel. Riding on gravel feels like you are trying to talk on the phone but there is a […]