Seed by Seed in the media


Our first media coverage! Thanks to Eric and Sharon who highlighted us in their local newspaper this week for our presentation and workshop in NMDHS Secondary, Parkhill ON. Very exciting!

May 11th!


It has been a wild and busy few days. Mischa and I are fully loaded and have began the trek East, finally we are making some distance. We spent a lovely few days in New West, Vancouver with one of the most generous and inviting families, the Land-Murphy’s. We got to hang out with the […]



Victoria! You were so wonderful! We spent the day today learning about local sustainable food initiatives on the Island and were blown away by the people we met and the cool things happening here. To highlight a few, we stopped in with at the Mason Street , where they have established many programs around urban […]

Made it to Victoria


Woo! The last few days have been wild! Mischa and I flew out to Vancouver and have made it to Victoria, BC. It feels so surreal that things are happening. We were picked up at the airport by the Howard’s and their wonderful friends. We were welcomed into their home with lunch and three bike […]

A Week Away!

Oh damn, Mischa and I are gearing up to leave on Saturday! That is just a few days away. Ah! It seems like we have been talking about Seed by Seed and our biking adventure for months now; planning, organizing, contacting schools, reaching out to our networks and learning about our food system. Along the […]

An Idea Turned into a Reality

Where do ideas come from? How do people realize what it is that they love? One ongoing question in my head is whether our paths are determined by pivotal moments? Or are they ongoing? Last summer, Mischa and I  wandered through a children’s toy store in Toronto. We made our way to the back of […]