A man told me that if you mimic nature you will live a happier life


Dani and I met a beautiful man who was a permaculture specialist. I had always thought that permaculture was an agricultural practice that involved sustainable and natural methods to produce food. As it turns out permaculture is much more. It is a creative design process based on certain ethics and principles that mimic patterns and […]

A new way to eat in school

The chef, the gardener and us!

  Had the pleasure to pay a visit to Groundswell Network & Community Greenhouse on Tuesday to get a tour of their incredible facility. Groundswell Network Society promotes community sustainability through education and by the advancement of innovative projects that result in health for people, the environment and the economy. The Community Greenhouse and Gardens are their […]

A Golden Community

A delicious concoction created by the one and only Jameson Voisin

You never know what to expect when you pull into a town for the night.   Danielle and I decided to camp in Golden; a small town surrounded by sharp white tipped mountains with a quick moving river that winds it’s way through it.  That morning after Danielle had done her morning stretches and I […]

Vernon – The Last of the Okanagan

One of the gorgeous views

We said goodbye to Kelowna with a bang. Mike (our host) and his hockey team won the BC men’s league championships! Yes! We joined them in celebration with pizza, beer, and hours of games. The next morning we visited a class at Glenmore PS and were excited to talk about some of the cool initiatives […]

May 19th – Hope to Kelowna


When you are traveling, so much can happen in just a few days. Continuing on our main journey east from Hope, we have been welcomed by so many generous and interesting people. We cycled from Hope on Highway 3 through Manning Park enroute to Princeton. We also on that stretch climbed our first summit! It […]

Seed by Seed in the media


Our first media coverage! Thanks to Eric and Sharon who highlighted us in their local newspaper this week for our presentation and workshop in NMDHS Secondary, Parkhill ON. Very exciting!

May 11th!


It has been a wild and busy few days. Mischa and I are fully loaded and have began the trek East, finally we are making some distance. We spent a lovely few days in New West, Vancouver with one of the most generous and inviting families, the Land-Murphy’s. We got to hang out with the […]



Victoria! You were so wonderful! We spent the day today learning about local sustainable food initiatives on the Island and were blown away by the people we met and the cool things happening here. To highlight a few, we stopped in with at the Mason Street , where they have established many programs around urban […]

Made it to Victoria


Woo! The last few days have been wild! Mischa and I flew out to Vancouver and have made it to Victoria, BC. It feels so surreal that things are happening. We were picked up at the airport by the Howard’s and their wonderful friends. We were welcomed into their home with lunch and three bike […]