Small Towns

Small Town Loving

The Prairies have changed my understanding of scale and have reminded me that there are so many ways to live. I have always grown up in a quite modernized urban setting. Sidewalks, malls, schools, any fast-food chain within reach and of course, lots of people. I have never really experienced rural living before. Passing though […]

Breakdowns on the Highway

More rain

Waking up to rain always prompts a lazy morning filled with procrastination. Suddenly you find the need to stretch in the morning, meticulously fold your clothes and brush your hair for the first time in weeks. Evidently though, you have to at some point suck it up, put on those wet shoes and get on […]

Medicine Hat, AB – June 10th

Outside Elm Street School in Front of their new Garden!

Medicine Hat, AB We had a pretty epic cycle ahead of us from Brooks, AB to Medicine Hat, AB along Highway 1. We had planned to go down a country road but after about 10km we hit gravel. Riding on gravel feels like you are trying to talk on the phone but there is a […]

Food Banks

Food Bank Stats in Canada

Food Banks In Ontario alone, 412,998 individuals rely on food banks and food assistance programs every month. From, The Hunger Count 2013, it was calculated that 36.4% of those turning to food banks are children and youth, while 50% of households helped receive social assistance and a staggering 50% of food banks needed to cut […]

From Bears to Dinos- Drumheller, AB

Shortly after Dani and I left Calgary we entered the badlands of east-central Alberta. We decided to head north to Red Deer River valley on the recommendation from a man we met on the side of the highway one afternoon when we stopped for lunch. This was one of our first cycles in the Prairies […]


The ride to Calgary featured the gradual transition from the Rockies to the beginning of the Prairies in 110km. We started the morning eating breakfast in Canmore, eating bagels in what felt like a little bowl of mountains, and ended the day in a big city surrounded by flat farm land. Oh Canada. We cycled […]

The road to Banff

Alberta crossing; another bit milestone crossed

Our time in the Rockies post-bear encounters came with a pile of emotions and cold temperatures. The stretch between Radium and Banff is about 145km of nature and a single paved road with only a few expensive lodges for service stops. The morning ride started out in cyclers heaven; dry, calm and temperate. We cycled […]

Radium: Breakfast, Beds and Bears

Mischa at the top of a mountain!

Unexpectedly, we added a few days to our cycling journey and cycle the Golden Triangle to cross the BC/ Alberta border and spend a few days in Invermere, just passed Radium, to give presentations to the high school and elementary school. The ride from Golden to Radium was 135km of pure mountainous bliss. We followed […]