A new way to eat in school


Had the pleasure to pay a visit to Groundswell Network & Community Greenhouse on Tuesday to get a tour of their incredible facility. Groundswell Network Society promotes community sustainability through education and by the advancement of innovative projects that result in health for people, the environment and the economy. The Community Greenhouse and Gardens are their flagship project and shining example of the power of collaborative community effort.

We were lucky enough to use some of the space for a workshop with the Chef Training Program at David Thompson Secondary in Invermere, BC. This program involves an intensive cooking class where students order, prepare, cook and serve all of the school’s cafeteria food. And, with a partnership with the Groundswell Greenhouse just down the road, the students are also involved in growing and harvesting food that is served in the cafeteria. It is an incredible way to connect all staff and students to local food and supports a 45m diet!

This is just one of the ‘students in the kitchen’ programs that we have seen on the tour so far. Having students in the kitchen reconnects them to food and ensures that everything is made from scratch. The students bake all of the bread, make all of the stock for soups and we even saw them prepare their own pastry! This ensures that costs are low making the food affordable for all students to enjoy. This is a huge change from when everything sold in the cafeteria came off a truck or a freighter shipped from hundreds of kilometers away.

And, the food was incredible. The menu on Tuesday included:
1. Schnitzel sandwiches
2. Veggie Chilli
3. Greens from the Greenhouse
4. Peach turnovers
5. ‘Turkey Dinner’ – complete meal with mashed potatoes, peas, corn and a bun

Picking greens and the Groundswell Community Garden               The school kitchen

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