A Week Away!

Oh damn, Mischa and I are gearing up to leave on Saturday! That is just a few days away. Ah!

It seems like we have been talking about Seed by Seed and our biking adventure for months now; planning, organizing, contacting schools, reaching out to our networks and learning about our food system. Along the way we have been given so much support. People have offered expertise on gear, cycling tricks, training, they have shared their knowledge about food and have connected us with some pretty cool youth and speaking engagements. On behalf of myself and Mischa, we would like to thank everyone for the support so far. It has been quite the incredible journey just planning this.

To get us mentally and physically prepared for this summer the last few weeks have been training focus. Cycling lots, eating lots, figuring out how our gear works, what it is like to cycle in the rain, set up camp and pack up swiftly. There is still lots to learn! We are hoping that we will each find our niche as we cycle. The first few weeks of the trip are pretty jam packed with visiting people, schools and food groups so it will be a nice boost!

We have also been reaching out to a lot of schools in Ontario over the last few weeks since school and work ended. Mischa always keeps things exciting when he says a couple of minutes before our presentation, ‘hey Dani, lets try this.’ Never a dull moment! But things are seeming to come together. We have now reached 10 school groups and our speech and workshop are getting to be a lot more concise and comfortable. I still sweat when I am on stage, but I think thats okay. Cycling will be sweaty anyways! Today we had our most engaging speech yet in London. The students at Rick Hansen PS in London were super excited, participatory and it made us love what we are doing. When we were showing a video and I was looking out at the 200 kids I had a really surreal moment as I watched the students take in the video. Food is such a unifying thing and seeing how engaged the kids were, and excited to answer questions was invigorating.

The countdown continues- 5 days,

Until next time! Dani

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