Familiar Places and Faces

The past few weeks we have covered quite the distance and for the first time on the journey we have passed recognizable street signs, roads and landscapes.

We were welcomed in Sudbury, ON by Jen with a fully loaded car ready to camp. We spend three nights making our way to Gravenhurst, ON with road support and had most of our meals made for us and Jen even carried our bags! Cycling heaven. We stayed at two gorgeous campsites and swan for the first time on the trip! Those few days were quite nostalgic and both Mischa and I were so excited to see the Canadian Shield’s granite rocks and rolling hills again.

The cycle to Mischa’s cottage in Gravenhurst was also took us down memory lane. During our (minor) trip training, we took a ride from his cottage to the nearest town of Bala. That day we were ill-prepared for the rain, snow and the 20km felt so long. Now, we passed through Bala and the coffee shop where we firstly stopped and recuperated and it was incredible to think how far we have come in a few months and also to be back in the same place we started.

Then came our next treat; family time. Both of our families came to the cottage for a weekend of story sharing, eating delicious meals and enjoying each other’s company and the lake. It is difficult to know where to begin when my parents asked ‘how was it?’ but it was exciting to share our experiences and learnings with those that mean the most to us. We also caught up with old friends and people went out of their way to squeeze us in. Highlights of the weekend include watching baby Isla walk around the cottage saying ‘uh-oh,’ playing tennis with my dad, rescuing my dad after he tipped a canoe, Mischa showing off his water skiing talents and eating at a big family dinners again!

From Gravenhurst we came into Toronto. We forgot how big it is with people moving so quickly and hustling around. There are so many people that all look so different and are off leading diverse lives. It was our first time seeing hipsters since Vancouver! We took a long walk downtown and couldn’t help but talk about the bikes that went by and all of the familiar sights. We also got to catch up with lots of friends over grilled cheese sandwiches and beers at Andrew’s apartment and hear about the city.

Now, we are eager to continue cycling. Our legs are craving biking and we are in the right headspace to make it to Newfoundland. It is still quite far; but we feel ready to tackle this next chapter. Today we leave the city and are headed for one of my favourtie places on earth; camp! We are excited to be in Bethany Hills with the Take Action Camp and coincidently it has also been exactly a year since we met and came up with this wild idea to cycle across the country.

Until next time! One of the many delicious meals

dad still has it!
Cabbage town
Ginny, Isla and Mischa
The iconic Muskoka chairs
Jen, Mischa and the that rock
Old friends :)

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