May 11th!

It has been a wild and busy few days. Mischa and I are fully loaded and have began the trek East, finally we are making some distance. We spent a lovely few days in New West, Vancouver with one of the most generous and inviting families, the Land-Murphy’s. We got to hang out with the entire family for a few days, ask many questions about cycling tours, trips, non-profits and what it means the fully live by your values. Thanks Ed and Joss for the insight and kindness! We also had a lovely time at Southpoint Academy in Delta and at the New West Housing Coop. Thanks for the participation and insightful contributions to the conversation. It is always refreshing to hear about how entire families are choosing to grow their own food.

As for the cycling; Mischa and I have made it to Hope BC! We have had a couple of intense, loaded cycling days now and are beginning to hit the mountains. I keep telling myself that ‘whatever goes up, must come down’ and trying not to worry about moving too slowly that I have to stop. Along with the hills though comes the beauty. It amazes me how we can be cycling through a gentle breeze with sun kissed skin and when we look up, there are snow-peaked mountains. As Mischa put it; they are big. They are covered in trees and it is just fascinating to see how the vegetation changes from the group up. Yesterday, after a long cycling day in the rain we finally made it to our camp ground in Kilby and we watched the sky transform into a wall of blue in a matter of minutes. We could then truly take in our surroundings and ate dinner over our stove in awe, climbed into our tent and passed out after our first 100km day. Yes!

Today, Hope BC has greeted us with open arms! Visiting the ‘Tourist Centre’ we met another incredible woman who invited us to her home tonight. Her home happened to be a converted ‘Bed and Breakfast’ so we are graced with real pillows and bath tubs tonight! We are currently sitting in a local diner, refueling on chocolate milkshakes, pears and carrots (my favorite) and are about to call it a night. Until next time!


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